Spice based A/D mixed-mode simulation

Simulation at your fingertips, with powerful Spice based A/D mixed mode simulation integrated into the Pulsonix design environment.

Fully integrated into the Pulsonix design environment, Pulsonix Spice is an advanced, mixed-mode simulation package that out-performs many of the other Spice tools on the market.

A comprehensive selection of analysis functions may be applied to plotted waveform data. At the click of a mouse the RMS, rise and fall time, -3dB point or many other functions can be calculated and displayed alongside the graph legend.

Within the Schematic, post-simulation 'random probing' is available. Graphs of circuit voltages, currents and device powers can be created simply by clicking on a point on the schematic, avoiding any need to re-simulate each time an additional measurement is required.

Analysis Modes

A range of Analysis modes are available in Pulsonix-Spice:-

  • Operating Point : reports circuit voltages, currents and device operating parameters Analysis over time.
  • Transient : small signal analysis of the circuit, linearised about its operating point.
  • AC : includes sweeps: Frequency (as standard SPICE), Device (E.g. resistor or capacitor value), Model parameter, Global parameter, Temperature, Single step Monte Carlo (repeats analysis while applying component tolerances).
  • DC : DC solution similar to AC analysis
  • Noise : small signal noise analysis of the circuit linearised about its operating point. Calculates total noise at a nominated output and the contributions from every noisy device
  • Transfer Function : Similar to AC but calculates response to a single output from all sources.
  • Real Time Noise : An extension of transient analysis, applies noise generators, and allows noise plotting in real time.
  • Sensitivity : Calculates sensitivity of circuit components and model parameters to a specified circuit parameter.
  • Pole-Zero : Finds the AC transfer function of a circuit in terms of its pole and zero locations.

Summary of Features

  • Integrated into the Pulsonix Schematic capture design environment
  • Dialog driven user interface
  • Post simulation random probing
  • Convergence performance in benchmark trials exceeds results from industry leaders
  • True mixed-mode simulation: closely coupled direct matrix (SPICE 3) analogue and event driven digital simulator
  • Monte-Carlo, Multi-Step, Noise and other analysis modes
  • Transient restart
  • Non-linear magnetics with support for air gaps
  • Automatic pseudo transient analysis algorithm for operating point solution
  • Variable step GMIN and source stepping (the standard SPICE3 variants use a fixed step)
  • Bias annotation markers with dynamic updating
  • 30,000 Spice model library definitions and 6,500 actual models
  • Pulsonix Spice is compatible with 99% of available SPICE/HSpice models
  • Import standard SPICE models from outside suppliers - many can be downloaded from the Internet
  • Comprehensive waveform analysis and user definable scripting language in simulator
  • Comprehensive printed user reference guide

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