Privacy Policy

How we gather and look after the information you provide

SouthCom Technologies Inc. is fully committed to protecting your privacy at all times. You can rest assured that we take every possible precaution to protect any information that we may collect or receive from you. We will also endeavor to ensure that this information is used only as you request. You can browse most parts of without providing any personal information. If you are concerned about any aspect of privacy in relation to this site, even after reading this policy statement, please feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to respond to your concerns.

Information collected and how it is used

Product information

When you request product information, you are asked to provide your name, together with your mailing or email address. These details are retained, allowing us to provide you with the information you request. You are allocated a customer reference number, if you do not already have one. You should use this number where possible in all future communication as this helps us to ensure that you continue to receive relevant information in the future.

Product purchase

When you purchase a product or service, you are asked to provide your name, telephone number, invoicing and shipping addresses, and your email address if you have one. This allows us to correctly process and dispatch your order, and to keep you informed of your order status. This information is not stored on our web site.

Product registration

When you register a software product, you may be asked to provide your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address and customer reference number, together with general details about the computer hardware on which the software will be used. This registration information is used to enroll you on the technical support program, and to help us to provide you with timely and relevant information about product changes and updates in the future.

Technical support request

When you submit a request for technical support, or an enhancement suggestion or other product comment, you may be asked for your name, customer reference number, and email address and/or telephone or fax number. This allows us to ensure your details are directed as quickly as possible to the relevant staff.

Technical data

In the course of the investigation of technical problems, it is occasionally necessary for our engineers to have access to the original data. In this case you will be asked to make this data available to us, on the strict understanding that SouthCom / WestDev guarantees that this data will only be used for the purposes of locating the cause of, and determining the resolution for, such technical problems. Data made available to us in this way will at no time be disclosed to any third party in any shape or form. At your request we can also undertake to destroy all copies of such data once the investigation into the technical problem is complete.

Protecting the information collected

Only authorized SouthCom staff have access to your information. All stored information is held within a protected environment, and all security issues are continually under review. SouthCom Technologies Inc. guarantees not to make available (by way of trade, sell, rent, loan or other means) any of your personal information to third parties, unless you have given us prior consent in writing.

Updating information

To help us keep you informed, and provide you with the best service possible, it is helpful to us if you can let us know about any changes in your details. This includes changes of address, company name, telephone number, email address, and so on. From time to time we send out mail-shots targeted at specific groups of people. If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, you only have to ask us. You can do this by sending an email to us, quoting your customer reference number. Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone, fax or post. We will make every possible effort to comply with your request.

Anonymity and recognition

As already stated, you can visit most of southcomtech without providing any personal information. As you browse the site, the web server keeps only limited records, listing which pages you visit. These records do not contain any personal details about you or any other visitor to our site. These records are available only to southcomtech technical staff, and are used solely to generate statistical information about how our site is being used. When using some parts of the site, notably when filling in forms, we use a technology known as "cookies" to help us improve the usability of the site for individual visitors. Cookies are a rather strange term used to describe what are simply small items of information stored on your computer on our behalf by your web browser. These are generally used for things like remembering the values in a form so they can be preset next time you use that form. If you do not wish to use cookies, you should be able to set an option in your browser to prevent them being stored. This will not at present affect how much of the site you can visit, it should only mean you'd have more typing to do!


By using our site and the services therein, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by us as described above. If our privacy policy changes at any time, the policy shown on this page will be updated accordingly.