Innovative yet easy-to-use PCB design editor, Pulsonix includes many leading edge features for the casual and professional designer alike.


Flexibility is the key - Pulsonix PCB can be driven from the integrated Schematic capture editor, an external netlist or another Schematic capture system, or from within the Pulsonix PCB editor itself by directly creating the PCB on-the-fly without the need for a formal schematic diagram, such is the strength and flexibility of the product.

Pulsonix PCB Design Environment

Pulsonix boasts one of the industry's largest range of standard import filters for migrating designs and libraries from all major EDA vendors. This enables you to migrate from your old system without losing valuable intellectual property (IP).

All modes of operation are supported with context sensitive menus using the right mouse button. These extensive menus vastly speed up and simplify everyday tasks.

A Product with depth

Pulsonix has already set new standards with its powerful toolset. Another key feature of Pulsonix is its ability to present tools to casual and professional users. Whether you use Pulsonix everyday as your design tool or on a casual basis for occasional projects, Pulsonix is instantly familiar, highly customisable, flexible and powerful. Yet, it always feels right to use.

Technology files offer constraint management and flexible rules which can be easily applied across all your designs. They also speed up the new design process and giving you total consistency throughout.

User interaction through the graphical user interface is slick and intuitive, component placement and track routing is easy and effortless. No special modes are required, as with all Microsoft style applications Pulsonix uses 'drag & drop' methodology to make the interaction as easy as possible.

Full range of manufacturing outputs

Pulsonix includes a complete range of manufacturing outputs at no extra cost.

  • Gerber photoplotting to RS274X and RS274D
  • Excellon drill & route
  • Windows printing
  • PDF
  • HP/GL plotters
  • ODB++
  • GenCAD
  • DXF
  • STEP AP203/AP214
  • IDF
  • IPC-D-356
  • LPKF

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